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Meet Monique McCoy

U.S. Air Force Veteran

Monique has served our nation at the highest level.

Distinguished Educator

Monique has served on the front line of our community.

Devoted Grandmother

An active neighbor and proud grandmother who understands what’s at stake.

Small Business Owner

Combining her passion for education with her commitment to individuals with disabilities, Monique leads a life-changing company of impact.

You Are What Matters Most to Monique McCoy.


I am listening and I understand your frustration with elected officials who show up during campaign season and then disappear for the next two, four, or six years. My first commitment to you is to be accessible after Election Day. With scheduled meetings and standing community work sessions, you will have unfettered access to your State Representative.


I am clear that as your State Representative, the buck will stop with me regarding legislative responsibilities in the House. As State Representative McCoy I will accept the responsibility and embrace the obligation to account to you directly and personally for the actions of my office. No more excuses or insults; just simple, straightforward


The residents of District 61 deserve bold, courageous, fearless leadership. I understand that resources are limited, and opportunities are scarce, so to get what we need, want, and deserve, requires a representative who will stand up and fight for what we want for our families, homes, communities, and businesses. As your State Representative I will serve you with audacious representation.


Making promises while campaigning and then disregarding the people’s voice once in office is unacceptable. As long as I am your State Representative, my efforts and actions will be directed at authentically representing the people who elected me. There is much for us to do in these challenging times, and I am confident that working together,

Real Issues

Real Solutions

Equity in Education

Smart Growth and Development

Enhanced Rights for Home Owners

Quality Jobs and Living Wages

Equitable Access to Affordable Healthcare

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